From our vast network of freelancer experts in different fields, we would like to extend their knowledge via conducting bitesize classes with actionable steps.
ByteClass is a 30-45 minutes online class where every topic is carefully curated for freelancers because we care about elevating your profession and providing relevant skills in the freelancing world. 

Learn from TFA Experts

Whether you're a student deciding to start your career, a full-timer looking at making a mid-career switch or you're keen to explore what's out there for you, this course will help you with just that!
We will look at the pros and cons of the different structures, there will be sharing on the different experiences setting up business in Singapore and any common concerns and worries that come with it. Let's have a conversation on which business structure would best suit you.
This ByteClass hopes to equip attendees with some methods of turning an objection into an opportunity, creatively. You will learn tips and tricks based on years of experience dealing with different clients. As freelancers, we do have the right to say no.
In this ByteClass, Kevin will share insights and tips to help freelancers manage rejection and setbacks, and extract monetizable lessons from failure. He will also give an intimate sharing on mental health as an entrepreneur and how to manage it.
Regarding data and data loss, it is critical for freelancers as information is one of their most valuable assets. You will learn the importance of backups of your data and storage types
In this era of social media, does your business still need a website? You will learn why having your own website is essential to your business, the basic requirements of a website, and how you can quickly build your own website.