Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok



What better way to expand your brand’s reach than by getting on TikTok?

This Kickstart Your Brand’s TikTok course (which comes with exercises and cheatsheets) is now open!

Everything in here is tried and tested.

We’ve put together this amazing video training plus strategy plus cheat sheet guide that takes you through TikTok.

It’ll help you START a TikTok account and stay consistent.

It’ll help your brand appear on TikTok and hopefully even help you grow your followers and sales!


It’ll help you:

  • understand how to create TikTok videos for your brand via step-by-step explainer videos.
  • understand and nail all the technical aspects behind TikTok without feeling overwhelmed.
  • grow your brand with genuine, engaging content for an audience who is ready to buy from you.

Are you ready to grow your brand’s digital presence?

It’s time to get visible, grow your brand with videos and attract an audience who genuinely interact and buys from you!

For only S$19, purchase the Kickstarter Pack today.

Let’s make your TikTok awesome today!

About the Trainers

Hi! We're Renee & Manisha

Renee has been running PeachyPixx Productions for 7 years. Her main passion lies in crafting brand videos for businesses – big or small. She enjoys supporting small businesses and female entrepreneurs with video production and coaching services.

Manisha has been a content writer and marketer for 10 years. She helps entrepreneurs and small businesses grow their brands organically through written content. Her portfolio is at

Here’s what’s inside this KICKSTARTER COURSE:

Getting around TikTok
● Learn the ropes behind TikTok app & features

TikTok editing
● Learn how to edit within TikTok app

TikTok strategy
● Understand how the TikTok algorithm works

TikTok content
● Go through our exercises
● Walk away with a cheat sheet of reusable content ideas