Instagram Caption Writing Hacks



Key Concepts

  • Recognising the nature of your Instagram page
  • Understanding what your audience wants
  • Channeling your personality through your words
  • Hacks to batch content creation on Instagram

This ByteClass will feature the step-by-step process on coming with captions for different types of Instagram posts. Perfect for solopreneurs and independent business owners, the methods shared in this class are easy to pick up and replicate so as to save you time in creating content yet help you share your message in a purposeful way with your audience so they can engage with it.

There are many questions about how long captions should be, what should be written and how to write one. This ByteClass helps to teach interested parties to be purposeful with their writing instead of focusing on the technicalities of language.


The Expert

Manisha Dhalani

Manisha Dhalani is a content writer and marketer. In her decade-long career, she has supported several publications, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
She started Mini Marketing Hacks as an effort to share quick marketing tips with busy business people to help them achieve organic growth at a low budget.
What she enjoys most of all, is burying her nose in books, and eating chocolate cake.
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