A Freelancer’s Guide to Contracts



Key Concepts

  • The importance of having a written contract
  • How to communicate to the other party that you want to have a written contract
  • Some basic terms of a contract
  • Different ways of signing a contract and their pros and cons

Contracts are often seen as long documents full of complicated legal jargon, which can sound intimidating to freelancers.

But written contracts serve an important function in helping freelancers and clients complete projects smoothly, and with minimal disputes.

So as a freelancer, do you know how contracts work? And do you have a written contract in place for your client projects?

You’ll also learn where to access a free contract template that you can modify for your freelancing needs.


The Expert

Siew Ann

Tan Siew Ann is the founder of lancerX, a resource blog for anyone looking to turn their craft into a meaningful and sustainable freelance business.
A non-practising lawyer, Siew Ann leverages her digital marketing skills to help freelancers navigate the legal issues they may encounter during their freelancing journey.