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Hinly Wong
Hinly WongCopywriter
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I had the pleasure of working with The Freelancers Academy as an expert. They are incredibly collaborative and bring that sweet balance of professionalism, care, and fun energy to the table. They are truly committed to their mission, to helping freelancers grow their businesses. If you’re on the fence about working with them, collaborating with them, or being an expert, I wholeheartedly recommend working with them. It’s a great opportunity to share what you have to offer with a great community, and in turn, help everyone grow. It’s a win-win!
Elinur Anuwar
Elinur AnuwarBrand Designer
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I wanna thank AJ & Renee for always finding ways to push ourselves to be better. Just had a first accountability call. I think it’s going pretty great! Lots of energy and bitesized steps to move forward with things we wanna work on. Thanks TFA! 🌻🌈
Mich Chow
Mich ChowCopywriter
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I realized (quite noobly) that I could have just reached out to Azurah Jan and Renee Ismail to ask for their recommendations! I have access to BOTH an audio and video expert through TFA Circle and it totally skipped my mind 🤦🏻‍♂️ Long story short, I hopped on a Clarity Call with AJ and Renee, and voila! Got my problem settled in 30 minutes 🥳 So THANK YOU both for your generous advice and thoughtful suggestions. I super appreciate it! PSA to TFA members: Just ask! If TFA Circle isn't our quickest shortcut, I dunno what is. Big hugs 🥰
AmiraTikTok Coach
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I went for my first clarity call with the amazing ladies from TFA Renee and AJ. I came with a few questions that have been in my mind for awhile and have learnt a lot from their expertise, sharing and experience - which were real-life scenarios! I also found it helpful when they gave me pointers and small steps as homework, so I had better clarity and understanding on how to move forward from the first call. I now feel more empowered and equipped to do better. If you ever thought of going on a clarity call them them, don’t think twice! 😊