For freelancers by freelancers

We understand the importance of marketing and branding for freelancers. Using the medium of video and audio to help gain traction from your audience as well as potential clients.

Being in the freelancing industry, there are certain skills as a freelancer we need to have and keeping up with digital trends as well. With online conferences and webinars being in the rise as of now. Allow us to provide you with the best outcome so as to able to create and impact and leave a long lasting impression in the digital space.

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Audio Editing

From cleaning up your audio to creating your brands voice. Perfect for podcasting & audio for video.
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Video Editing

From editing your video to creating your brand video. Perfect for webinars or post-production videos.
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Step by step guide in coming up with effective interview questions & how to present your best self as a freelancer.
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Zoom Teleconference 101

Setting up zoom to controlling for seamless video transition during your live session. Tips & tricks for professional looking zoom videos.

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