Patterns of Interactive Client Engagement



Key Concepts

  • Learn the 4 pillars of communication and engagement
  • Effectively use communication as a tool during presentations
  • Equip with real life customer engagements responses

Patterns Of I.C.E (Interactive Customers/Clients Engagement) is a communication centric program designed to equip freelancers and entrepreneurs with dynamic communication models and frameworks that will assist them in being better speakers. 

In this program, freelancers will learn the 4 pillars of communication and engagement, alongside understanding the general 4 communication styles/personalities. 

With a guided framework, freelancers will be able to effectively use communication as a tool of effectiveness during their presentations and evaluations. 

Freelancers will also be exposed to the various challenges they may face as a result of poor communication. 

This program will also equip freelancers with real life customer engagements responses that will maximize their customers engagement.


The Expert


Hijazi is the founder of The Barakah People.
He brings with him over 20 years of industry experience in sales, financial, communication and training.
Hijazi has worked with both private and government sectors, in curating engaging programs that are communication focused.
As an acclaimed member of Toastmasters International, Hijazi has spoken and led at various capacities. He established Singapore’s first bilingual Malay-English Toastmasters club in 2014.
Hijazi has written and co-authored books on effective communication, leadership and financial management and counselling over the past years and actively blogs.
He established and is running several business startups and community initiatives.