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Below are the media platforms that TFA was featured where we share our journey and why we started TFA. With these features, we hope to grow our community of freelancers where we can collaborate and learn from each other.

Empowering Gen-M through digital media

Renee Ismail, Azurah J built The Freelancers Academy portal to allow freelancers to share problems, raise the spirits …

Living a life as a freelance videographer and audio artist who performs gig jobs according to project after project is not as easy as imagined.

Despite the freedom to manage the schedule and be the boss on their own, Ms. Ismarini (Renee) Ismail, 37, and Ms. Azurah Jan Che Onn Azahar, 28, agreed that working alone without anyone to guide and monitor is quite difficult.

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Milliennials Talk by Tertiary Career Conference (TCC)

Talk with “Milliennial of The Day” – Azurah Jan, a freelancer & the Co-Founder of The Freelancers Academy (TFA).

In this podcast, she shared her journey as a freelancer ever since she graduated and why she chose this path. 

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