Business Email Writing Hacks



Key Concepts

  • Old versus new style of email writing
  • Do you want to be good or boring?
  • Difference between writing emails and email newsletters
  • Templates to takeaway and make your life easier!

Feel stuck when crafting out email replies to your prospects and clients? Here’s a ByteClass to help you get unstuck.

Learn quick hacks to make your business emails better to communicate clearly and effectively with your prospect or existing clients.

In this ByteClass, we cover the old versus the new way of writing emails and how to make your emails sound professional yet not boring.

If you have questions about use of particular words or the different kind of email templates to save for future use, this ByteClass addresses these questions and more. Have fun writing emails to keep your inbox healthy.


The Expert

Manisha Dhalani

Manisha Dhalani is a content writer and marketer. In her decade-long career, she has supported several publications, entrepreneurs and small businesses.
She started Mini Marketing Hacks as an effort to share quick marketing tips with busy business people to help them achieve organic growth at a low budget.
What she enjoys most of all, is burying her nose in books, and eating chocolate cake.
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